Seed Cake Recipes Make Crispy Salted Ketapang

 Seed Cake Recipes Make Crispy Salted Ketapang


Cara Membuat Dan Resep Kue Biji Ketapang

Seed cake Ketapang - Enjoy a special snack should not wait for the season to buy it especially as at the time of the feast of Eid which is the largest cake seasons such as in Indonesia alone. Here we provide Seed Cake Recipe Ketapang with results more savory, crunchy, salty and crunchy. for it continue to refer to the manufacturing process in order to stay awake as the original.
Cake we mean using basic ingredients Flour but still use other supporting materials in order to create a distinctive taste and satisfying. How to Make Seed Cake Ketapang is easy, in addition to including in the category Pastry was also a necessary ingredient in making it really simple. Let's look at the following detailed information.

Seed Cake Recipe Ketapang

Ketapang Seed Cake Ingredients:

     Wheat Flour (400 Gram)
     Grated coconut, not too old (150 grams)
     Eggs (1 point)
     Margarine (100 grams)
     Refined sugar (150 grams)
     Salt (1 teaspoon)
     Vanilla (1 sachet)
     Cooking oil for frying to taste

How to Make Seed Cake Ketapang:

The first step in making Seed Cake Ketapang that the results are more tasty and crunchy then prepare a container large enough ago masukanlah vanilla, salt, eggs (shake it first), and refined sugar. stir together so that all ingredients evenly mixed and set aside beforehand.


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