Avocado Cookies

Today Abdie nyobain avocado + ASIP. Ttp result is the same, not like :(
Ga less sense, rather than dispose of ASIP in avocado half to death to come, avocado + ASIP in the mix with the drug + egg yolk + butter + cheese + olive oil and baked ...
all use the science of thought, and the result .... Abdie like !!

Materials :
> 1/2 avocado
> 30cc (to taste) ASIP
> 2 knuckles roughly unsalted butter
> cheese to taste
> 1 egg yolk
> 6 tablespoons of oat (approximated until smooth)
> to taste olive oil to rub teflon

Serving Method

     all the ingredients are mixed, and then formed a round, flat right at the fork, grilled over a Teflon (oven also allowed) approximately 10-15menit dg small fire


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