Material :

     > Pasta Chocolate 1/4 tsp
     > Baking Powder 1/2 Tsp
     > Milk Powder 10 grams
     > Cornstarch 15 grams
     > Flour 150 grams
     > Vanilla paste 1/2 tsp
     > 1 Egg Yolk
     > Flour 75 grams of sugar
     > Salt 1/4 tsp
     > Blue Band Cake and Cookie 150 grams

Resep Kue Kering Gulung Dengan Vanilla

Ways of making :

Recipes Pastry rolls vanilla, chocolate covered you can start by entering the Sugar Flour, salt, egg yolks, pasta vanilla, Blue band cake and cookies into the batter and mix well, roughly the length of shaking up to 2 minutes is quite subtle, if less beat again until completely soft.Put baking powder, cornstarch, milk powder and wheat flour into the dough container and continue stirring. after that split the dough into two parts and one you add the pasta dough chocolate.You can start grinding or flatten the dough is white and chocolate dough certainly can start you pour on it. After that you can start to roll and shape it according to your wishes, or may be able to mimic the available images. And after completion of the formation of the freezer, you can freeze them into more or less 1 hour.The next stage after the freezing process, you can cut out the dough to a thickness as desired, recommended thickness of 0.5 cm and then enter into a baking dish that has been teroleskan margarine. Oven dough at a temperature below 140º cc approximately 35 minutes. Be pastries specials are ready to eat.


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